Meet your coach

My name is Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau and I support Leaders creating a bigger game. By working as coach, I do what I truly love – help individuals and teams become more alive, solid and impactful. Coaching with me will give you a safe space for reflection, and for developing a deep connection – with yourself, your purpose and the world around you. By finding this greater connection, clarity and focus, you will have a greater capacity to tackle the challenges you face, and achieve any goal you truly set your mind on . During the past 28 years, I have served in different roles within the corporate world, working with varied organisations – in the financial sector, with international and non-governmental organizations and with public administrations. I am grateful for the enriching experiences my career has given me – working in development cooperation within the European Commission, contributing to programmes driving institutional reform in the UN and national and regional governments, and supporting non-governmental organisations in their work to rebuild civil society in the Balkans after the war in the 1990s. Until 2021, I have served as HR leader, coach and workplace counsellor within the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg and have gradually built my own coaching practice with both private and corporate clients to help them create change, enhance collaboration and improve their focus, efficiency and impact.

My experience in the corporate world, financial and international institutions has given me an insider’s perspective and an in depth understanding of organisational dynamics, leadership, relationships and communication issues within organisations.

I am an accredited professional coach with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, an accredited mediator with the Centre of Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) and have worked in the corporate world for almost three decades. But I am also a painter, dancer, singer and actress. Developing myself in these different art forms has taught me invaluable lessons about life and human connections. And I have seen that the experience and insights to be gained through artistic endeavour have application across all walks of life. My approach to coaching and facilitation draws on these techniques to foster connection, expression, and creativity. It is this blend of solid corporate experience and the learnings I have gathered from the arts that makes my coaching style truly unique.

To find out more about what my work could bring you, let’s have a conversation.