An in-depth look at how I use a combination of techniques to help you become more impactful.

Individual coaching

Main areas of work: When I coach you as an individual to help you become more impactful, we will work together to:

  1. Help you better connect with your values, passion and purpose to make your more influential
  2. Build your leadership style, amplify your presence and develop your personal power
  3. Strengthen your capacity to communicate with impact
  4. Develop your conflict management skills
  5. Help you remain centred and have clarity when dealing with complex situations at work and outside of it

Customized coaching to suit your needs: Nothing is more important to me than bringing about the change in your life and I understand that we all have different needs for support at different stages in our journeys. So I offer different coaching options you can choose from. They will consist of in-depth

  1. In-depth coaching: Developing ourselves requires commitment and depth. With in-depth coaching, I therefore want to offer you a coaching process over a period of time, which requires your commitment, to enable depth and growth. As each person and their goals and needs are different, we will design together the exact programme length and shape for you.
  2. Focus coaching: As the name suggests, this is a brief coaching session that focuses on a specific question, topic, or problem that you are facing. This offer is for clients who have previously worked with me.
  3. Exploration session: This offer is intended to help you get a taste of my coaching style if we have never had a session before. To help you get a sense of what our work together would involve, I offer a 90 minutes free exploration session, to which you are invited to bring any topic, and of course your complete heart and soul!

For groups and teams

The main areas of my work with groups and teams are leadership development, team dynamics, communication, and conflict management. The aim is to help teams move towards a more effective and efficient style of functioning together and to help enhance the team’s emotional quotient and improve key soft skills.

Leadership: Within the larger scope of Leadership our work together will look at the following spaces:

  1. Focusing on principles and tools for effective leadership
  2. Building the foundation for a strong team: team alliances & feedback loops
  3. Encouraging and facilitating dynamic communication within teams
  4. Creating effective feedback loops within teams
  5. Effective conflict management for managers
  6. Influential leadership styles, enhancing presence & personal impact

Personal Development / EQ: Another area crucial for teams becoming more impactful is the area of personal development and no team can be truly powerful without the individuals in a team building a repertoire of soft skills. Some of these areas that we will work on together as a team are:

  1. Interpersonal Communication
  2. Building constructive relationships at work
  3. Understanding the Power of Connection: connection with ourselves and with others
  4. Active conflict management as a team